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What a better way to protect your child’s safety during long road trips while they enjoy their travel than to have them sit on their comfy and stylish car seat.

Comes in different luxury styles and made to last until your little ones can sit safely in the car on their own, the Nurtur Car Seats are known for its durability and is multi-stage to accommodate babies, toddlers, and older children. Its ISOFIX system ensures maximum safety on all sorts of incidents that it prevents the seat to slide, flip, or shake.
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Liberty Car Seat

The best way to protect your little ones when they are in a car is to get them the new Liberty Car Seat. It is a multi-stage car seat that is just as effective for your new-born as it is for an older child. Find out more about this cozy safety seat.

Nemo Car Seat

To provide your kid with the finest seating experience, this car seat is composed of eco-friendly, soft sponge, breathable flame repellent cushion, and it has comprehensive protection from 5 layers.

Ultra Car Seat

Suitable for your kids of 0 months up to 12 years of age. It is a 4-in-1 car seat with 360° rotation and a 5-point safety harness. Its comfort recline allows your bundle of joy various sitting angles, making road trips much more enjoyable.

Ragnar Car Seat

One of the most important things parents must consider is the health and wellbeing of their children. Its adjustable backrest and 5-point safety harness give your kid a relaxing and safe journey.

Bruno Car Seat

By switching from a rear-facing harness car seat to a forward-facing harness car seat with a high-back belt-positioning booster, this convertible car seat performs three functions in one.

Maverick Car Seat

The Nurtur Maverick is your guy. It has 10-level height position with 20cm adjustable headrest, making it suitable for your 9-month-old up to your 12-year-old darling.

Otto Car Seat

One of the important choices a parent must make is choosing the ideal car seat. Make a wise decision. Choose Otto, the car seat loved by most parents.

Jupiter Car Seat

Give your child a safe ride to your destination with Jupiter car seat in charge of their safety so you can concentrate more on the road and enjoy your trip.

Enzo Booster Seat

When your children outgrow a car seat, but you still want to make sure they are safe in the car, the Nurtur Enzo Booster Seat is perfect for them – no sliding, flipping, or shaking.

Nova Booster Seat

Make your child look and feel cozy with the Nurtur Nova Booster Seat. This easy-to-install booster seat has ISOFIX system assures you improved protection. 

Simple Solution To Healthy and Safe Travel with Your Young Ones

Road trips with babies or toddlers may seem daunting even to intrepid travellers. How will you keep your baby content while on the road? What if your little one cries throughout the journey? How can you make sure the whole family arrives safe and sane? Worry not, moms and dads! With Nurtur, you will not have to worry much. Nurtur has almost everything your baby needs – Car Seats, Strollers, Blankets, Carriers, and even Maternity Ponchos.