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We Are Nurtur

We care from the heart. Because for us, Family is Everything.

explore our world Your baby deserves only the best care

Nurtur’s vision is to provide parents with all the products they need to raise their newborns. The Nurtur family of products includes strollers, car seats, maternity ponchos, 100% cotton baby blankets, and more. Nurtur aims to offer products that are of the highest quality and offer maximum value to parents, focusing on products with high-level functionality, superior quality, and keeping up with current style trends. Nurtur’s products are all certified to highest European standards, which ensure their safety and quality.


Our Philosophy is to provide our customers with products that are as pure as possible, going far beyond the legal standards. We conduct rigorous independent testing at multiple stages of manufacturing, set standards for quality control far beyond the laws and regulations, and set strict guidelines for cooperating partners.

Our goal is to make good products accessible to everyone, fulfill their function for years, and make parental struggle easier!

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We are Nurtur

We bring you a worldwide brand that is proud of its origin

The inventiveness of European design continues to fascinate us. Each product prioritizes craftsmanship, clean lines, and smart solutions. We understand that you want high-performance baby gear that is built to last long. Our design aesthetic is timeless, and the features we include into each product are innovative and well-constructed for modern living.

And now that we are here, we are excited to be with you at the start of your life-changing journey - motherhood. Inspired in bringing practical and useful solutions to life for families, we have thought of everything to make your motherhood journey hassle-free, so you enjoy the magical moments of being a mother. Here's to an unforgettable journey!

Our Belief and Mission


We never compromise.  Before it leaves the manufacturer, our baby gears are thoroughly tested. We employ modern testing equipment and processes that go above and beyond what is necessary. We get our equipment tested at authorized independent laboratories on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with safety regulations.


Engineering dominance in the industry. We admit, we are a little fixated on innovation. Nothing makes us happier than developing original and creative solutions that allow you to focus on other important matters while saving you time and energy. Our products are made with superior quality  material that ensures luxurious comfort and healthy lifestyle.


The perfect blend of simplicity and style. Nurtur gear is fashionable yet practical, with a splash of audacity. We designed every piece of premium gear with new parents in mind, knowing their challenges and their way of living with their little ones. Enjoy each step, snuggle, and sway along the way with confidence, knowing we have designed around your life.

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