Milk Powder Data - Duplicate

NestleNido Little Kids629401710650131 to 3 years17
NestleNido FortiGrow76161000115684Grown kids15
NestleNido Fortified Milk Rich in Fiber62940171095044Grown kids15
NestleNido Little Kids 3+629401710662443 to 5 years14
NestleNAN OptiPro761328748453631 to 3 years15
NestleNAN OptiPro 476132874852124For children15
NestleNAN OptiPro 2763128704051026 to 12 Months15
NestleNAN OptiPro 176312875173852From birth14
NestleNAN® Supreme Pro 176130396796611From birth15
NestleNAN® Supreme Pro 3761328780611631 year onwards15
NestleNAN® Comfort 3761328747008931 to 3 years15
NestleS26 Goat Milk 3761328795437431 to 3 years14
NestleS26 Gold Stage 4888647210603543 to 6 years16
NestleS26 Gold Stage 3888647210598431 to 3 years20
NestleS26 Gold Stage 2888647210596026 to12 months16
NestleNido Kinder2800093487331 to 3 years15
Nutricia AptamilHA1871811760033510 to 6 months15
Nutricia AptamilAR871811760986410 to 6 months15
Nutricia AptamilHA2871811760434026 to 12 months16
Nutricia AptamilAdvance -2871811760985726 to 12 months16
Nutricia AptamilAdvance -4871811761079243 to 6 years15
Nutricia AptamilAdvance -3871811760996331 to 3 years17
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