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    Nurtur aims to offer products that are of the highest quality and offer maximum value to parents

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    Experience the outdoors with your kids. The Nurtur strollers work with your lifestyle. Less carrying, more pushing.

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    baby blankets

    Every baby needs a soft, comfortable blanket that will hold up long enough to last through the toddler and preschool years. Kids will put their beloved blankets through a lot, so you'll want a baby blanket with durable material to help it last many years.

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    maternity poncho

    Keeps you away from all kinds of the discomforts of nursing experience. Now, you can breastfeed your baby as and when they need to be in a stylish and fashionable way.

All Terrain Suitability

As the inventors of the world is first modular stroller, we are pioneers in our industry, setting the standards and trends for the rest to follow.

Safety and Security

Our engineers apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional performance.

Care and Cleaning

Keep your child out of the sun and wind with the adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window and covered sunroof.

Trusted By Parents

Nurtur has demonstrated a commitment to bring only the best product with the best material that suits your babies needs.  

Certified For Safety

Ensuring babies safe range and worry-free travel with all its safety features,  Nurtur products are ECE approved and EN certified.

Know Your Baby's Size

The best size for your baby depends on your little one’s height and weight at any given time. Let us help you choose your size.

All Certified to Highest European Standards

Our goal is to make good products accessible to everyone, fulfill their function for years, and make the parental struggle easier! Hence, we are committed to provide your babies and toddlers the best protection they deserve.


The Car Seat Description

From the moment you become a parent, your top priority changes to keeping your child safe and comfortable. This will make your car seat purchases important.

Nurtur car seat is made with the finest material. It is hypoallergenic, with flame retardant breathable fabric. The Fusion features an adjustable headrest with 8 possible positions. It also features a removable 5-point safety harness that is designed to keep your child safe and secure during road trips.


Tortoise Car Seat

Our Categories

The Nurtur family of products includes strollers, car seats, swings, cribs, highchairs, maternity ponchos, 100% cotton blankets, and more. Nurtur aims to offer products that are of the highest quality and offer maximum value to parents, focusing on products on products with high-level functionality, superior quality, and keeping up with current style trends.

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Car Seats





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The Maverick

Searching for the best car seat for your little one? The Maverick car seat by Nurtur has that sought-after quality every parent needs. This stylish infant car seat has 10-level position adjustable headrest that gives your baby the comfort even as he grows. This is definitely a car seat the grows with your child in several steps.

  • Foldable thin packaged design, one button, easy folding.
  • 10-level height position with 20cm adjustable headrest
  • ECE R44/04 certified.
Gray Car Seat

The Ultra

As mighty as the son of gods, the Ultra car seat by Nurtur is known for its durability and enhanced longevity. The power of its strength and endurance can stay with your child during long journeys. The perfect partner of each parent in keeping their babies safe when they are riding in a vehicle.

  • Better head, neck, and all-over protection due to its first ever standardized side impact testing.
  • 4-level reclining position and adjustable backrest (3-level forward + 1-level rearward).
  • 10-level height position, 20cm adjustable headrest.
Bruno Car Seat

The Bruno

The cozy Bruno car seat by Nurtur is not only serving its primary duty in making sure your child is safe and healthy at all times, but also giving your babies stylish comfort they won’t feel the boredom of road trips. Designed with removable 5-point safety harness, you can be sure that your child is safe and secure.

  • ECE R44-04 certified
  • 4-level reclining position
  • Adjustable backrest (3-level forward + 1-level rearward)
  • Super soft knitted fabric
Dark Gray Car Seat

The Otto

When it comes to practicality, The Otto car seat by Nurtur is the perfect one for you and your baby. Its adaptability to the needs of your growing child can take his/her getting seated the way they prefer.

  • ECE R44-04 certified
  • 4-level reclining position
  • Adjustable backrest (3-level forward + 1-level rearward)
  • 10-level height position adjustable headrest
  • Rear-facing 0-13kg

The Ragnar

Comfort and Safety is what The Ragnar car seat by Nurtur is made for. Its necessity to protect your baby, up to even an older child, can stay with you for the longer period of time. It has a revolutionary feature that makes your life much easier. Its ISOFIX system provides optimum safety and prevents the chance of sliding, flipping, or shaking the seat.

  • ECE R44-04 certificated
  • 9-level height position adjustable headrest
  • Super Soft knitted fabric

The Jupiter

To ensure the safety and comfort of your child in a car during road trips, this Jupiter car seat by Nurtur was made to provide the most utmost safety. It has adjustable headrest that you can find the perfect fit for your child as he/she gets older, making long trips a little more fun.

  • ECE R44-04 certificated
  • 9-level height position adjustable headrest
  • Super Soft-knitted fabric

The Nemo

Finding Nemo car seat by Nurtur is the same as finding your child’s happiness and safety. With Nemo car seat, you can easily fold and store it in your car trunk. This will allow you to have more space while travelling. You can easily even take it out when needed.

  • Forward facing from birth to 13kg.
  • 3-point harness system with one pull adjustment and chest effectively
  • 4 adjustable positions for carry handle
  • Super Soft-knitted fabric

The Enzo

The Enzo car seat by Nurtur features the latest cutting-edge safety technology, allowing it to be fastened in the vehicle without the use of seat belts. It consists of two standard connections as well as a superior locking mechanism below the seat back. It has an ergonomic design with armrests that are smooth and comfortable, suitable for children to grab.

  • Car seat three-point belt
  • Foldable ISOFIX

The Nova

The Nova car seat by Nurtur can shine bright with its ergonomic design of high front and low back for more comfortable ride, along with its thickened and reinforced armrests. This superstar has dri-seat, a special pad that ensures adequate air circulation, increasing the comfort of your baby during car trips.

  • car seat three-point belt
  • Super Soft-knitted fabric
Jet Blue Stroller

The Jet

Nurtur has come up with a stylish buggy stroller, the Jet. Best for older babies or toddlers, this buggy stroller comes in virous cool designs and colours. Perfect for your kids when out and about or going on holiday.

  • Lightweight stroller with Compact Fold, Canopy, and Should Strap.
  • Best for 0 – 36 months old.
Blue Travel Stroller

The Ryder

Get the right gear for your baby and let them enjoy their adventure with the Nurtur Ryder Stroller. It is perfect for parents who are always on the go with their babies.

  • Lightweight stroller with storage basket and detachable food tray
  • 5-point harness with adjustable canopy and reclining seat
  • Best for 0 – 36 months old with up to 15kg carrying capacity

The Luca

What could have gone wrong with your toddler riding along in a character themed stroller. Available in different designs and characters to choose from, it is definitely one stroller to come by.

  • Lightweight stroller with storage basket and detachable bumper
  • 5-point harness with shoulder strap
  • Best for 1 – 3 years old with up to 12kg carrying capacity

The Archer

Hit the outdoors with your baby safely enjoying his adventure on the new Nurtur Archer Stroller. Perfect for outings with your little one without worrying much about their comfort.

  • Lightweight stroller with storage basket and detachable bumper
  • 5-point harness with shoulder strap
  • Best for 0 – 36 months old with up to 15kg carrying capacity
Bravo Red Stroller

The Bravo

Take a bow with the versatility of this travel stroller. Perfect for a hassle-free travel experience, the new Nurtur Bravo Stroller features travel luggage handle that makes it easy to carry.

  • Compact foldable design
  • 5-point safety harness, storage basket, detachable bumper
  • Best for 0 – 36 months old with up to 15kg carrying capacity
Brown Baby Stroller

The Wilder

Heightened comfort is what most parents look for in baby strollers. The Nurtur Wilder Baby Stroller provides extraordinary comfort to your baby.

  • 5-point Safety Harness
  • Storage Basket, Detachable Food Tray
  • Adjustable backrest & Canopy
  • Reversible Soft Foam Handle
  • Best for 0 – 3 years old with up to 15kg carrying capacity

Baby Blankets

Wrap your bundle of joy with the new Nurtur Baby Blankets. Made of 100% cotton of high-quality twill jacquard fabric, the Nurtur Knitted Baby Blankets are so soft and warm you can even sure your little one can lay down in comfort and style. It comes with different baby designs to help your little cuddle bug drift to sleep when it is time to put them down. A perfect mix of soft and durable that it can serve as receiving blanket, a snuggly wrap, or even your baby’s little comfy bed.


Go for a more luxurious and stunning layered up look during your pregnancy with the new Nurtur Maternity Ponchos. The ultra-soft style decked beautifully over your maternal curves, crafted in the same luxury knitted blend. It is made of 100% cotton knitted fabric that allows steady breathing and reduces discomforts that will make your overall pregnancy experience easier to tolerate.

Empowering New Parents

We make the journey of parenthood a little easier by combining superior quality, modern style,  and better pricing with a devotion to customer satisfaction.


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Nurtur gear is smart and helpful with a touch of boldness. Having been in new parents’ shoes, we’ve planned every little detail of our premium gear to fit your needs. Enjoy each step, snuggle, and sway along the way with confidence, knowing we’ve designed around your life.

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